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Estate planning with your legal advisor should include a wealth transfer or legacy strategy to make sure the appropriate assets end up with the appropriate people at the appropriate time. Careful thought must be given to what you own and how you own it, and your wishes and intentions must be documented to protect and care for the needs of your surviving family members. Salomon & Ludwin, while not legally licensed to provide tax or legal estate document advice, may play an integral part in your estate planning as we are able to work hand-in-hand with your personal attorneys and tax professionals to help you accomplish your estate planning goals.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right” height=”616px” width=”480px”][/image_frame]After over 15 years serving clients as a financial advisor, CEO and Founding Partner Dalal Salomon realized in late 1999 that there was one area, hard as we tried, that we could not get clients to focus on. Estate planning in conjunction with the documentation and organization of one’s financial life seemed to be impossible and overwhelming for many clients.

So, in 1999 she set out to design, develop and manufacture the Life Planner Box. The cloth covered box is divided in half. One side contains small drawers: for sets of duplicate keys, lock combinations and the kind of things that are too important to lose track of, but often end up tossed in a “junk drawer.” The other side contains a 3-ring binder for copies of wills, trust and other documents.

In addition, we offer a portal that provides for secure storage so that all your information is safe and in one place. It operates like an electronic safe-deposit box, but it’s safer and smarter because
it allows you to keep a scanned copy of your information in a totally secure—yet instantly accessible—location. The portal can contain everything your family needs to know:

  1. “Who to Contact” and all contact information
  2. Location of all Important Documents
  3. Who you have elected to serve in all the important roles in your estate documents, their capacity and their contact information
  4. Brief overview of any trusts including trustees and beneficiaries
  5. A listing of all financial accounts including: bank, brokerage, credit cards, debt, retirement accounts, etc…(along with contact information.).
  6. Listing of all insurance policies: life, health, disability, Long Term Care, auto, home, etc. (along with account numbers, beneficiary information
    and contact information.).
  7. A listing of all real property and how it is titled.
  8. A listing of all doctors and health conditions along with contact information.
  9. A listing of your tax advisor and attorney with contact information.
  10. An overview of your last wishes, funeral service and memorialization.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left” height=”320px” width=”480px”][/image_frame]The Life Planner Box and the secure Client Portal will help provide loved ones with the information they need to guide them when the time arise.

Helping our clients gather and document this information has been very rewarding as we have witnessed the effects on the lives of the families we are honored to serve. This planning is a gift of love that comes from a keen awareness exemplified in the old Chinese proverb:

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”left” variation=”yellow” ]It is not the knowing that is difficult, but the doing[/pullquote3]


Estate Planning


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