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We Don’t

We don’t pick individual stocks: we are uncomfortable with the risk & lack of diversification.

We don’t believe in the “Buy and Hold/Hope” mentality.

We won’t invest in things that sound “sexy” but offer little transparency or liquidity.

We don’t delegate responsibility of managing your money to people that don’t know you.

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We Do

We prefer to use low-cost, tax-efficient, transparent, investments to implement our strategies.

Our strategies are designed to mitigate risk with an attempt to limit portfolio losses.

We believe that our industry focuses too much time on trying to predict the markets.

We prefer to have a logical strategy in place that reacts to the markets.

Decisively. Logically. Unemotionally.

We Strive

With the power of knowing our clients well combined with control over the investment strategy we believe we are in a unique position to “connect the dots.”

From financial roadmap to investment strategy to income requirements.

We strive to always be better.

Think differently. Innovate.

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