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Family. Health. Financial Security.


To go to sleep each night knowing that we have done our best as a team to help clients reach goals and realize dreams they’ve entrusted with us. It’s that simple.

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We value long-term relationships more than
short-term success.

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We don’t delegate managing your money to people you don’t know.

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You deserve a personalized investment strategy that creates confidence.

Small Clientele. Big Impact.

We deliberately work with a limited number of clients, so that we can remain available, responsive and focused.

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How are we Personally Invested?
We’re glad you asked.
Dalal Salomon

CEO and Founding Partner

Dan Ludwin

President, Founding Partner

Jeremiah Winters, CFP®, CPWA®, RICP®

Senior Advisor, Partner

David Staples, CFP®,

Senior Advisor, Partner

Kate Atwood, CFP®,

Senior Advisor, Partner

John M. Harper, CFA®

Director of Investment Strategy

Beth Pettler

Chief Operating Officer

Jen Thompson

Director of Client Relations

Abbey Sorensen

Senior Client Relationship Associate

Ashleigh Hensle

Senior Client Relationship Associate

Elizabeth Kruger

Client Service Associate

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Salomon & Ludwin is a team of Financial Advisors based in Richmond, VA. We serve a limited clientele, so that we remain available, responsive, and focused. Our services include financial planning, investments and wealth management for high net worth individuals and families.