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Financial Advisory

However painful, there have been lessons learned and we are obligated to embrace those lessons and incorporate them into our portfolios. We embrace the concept that to succeed one must proactively seek to grow, change, and adapt. We believe that’s what makes us different.

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Cash Flow Engineering

Understanding where your “paycheck” will come from, once retired, is just one of the ways that a relationship with Salomon & Ludwin may help.

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What's Your Strategy?

We believe that in the most volatile times – markets are driven by emotion. Fear and Greed. Our strategies attempt to capitalize on the opportunities created by those emotions. What’s your Strategy? Logic? Or Chance?

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Financial Advisors

Salomon & Ludwin has two names on the door and only a slightly larger number of people working beyond that door. The emphasis here is not on quantity, but on the knowledge, wisdom and experience of those people. We speak with one voice.

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Innovation. Attention to detail. Collaboration. Not necessarily what the financial trade is hyping. Not to where the herd is heading. Not to any one-size fits all portfolio.


The world, your life and the markets are not stagnant. There is a lot to be said for the importance of adapting. Yet, some things at Salomon & Ludwin are constant: our belief that honesty, reputation, integrity and innovation will drive our success.

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Although consistently ranked by Barron’s Magazine, our greatest source of pride is the trust we have earned from our clients. Nothing speaks more to reputation than the willingness of others to recommend you.

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We devote our attention to knowing our clients well. To making a difference in their lives. In the lives of their families. We are a close-knit group of professionals serving our clients in our own unique way.

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