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Connection. Confidence. Comfort.

That’s what we offer.

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Experience, industry designations and education are basic qualifications you need in an advisor.

But you deserve more.

You should leave every meeting with confidence and clear answers to the questions that are important to you.


Will my family know what to do, if something happens to me?
Where will my paycheck come from when I retire?
Is financially supporting my children helping or hurting them?
Will this portfolio meet my spending needs?
Are we still going to be ok - even after this market down-turn?
How do I navigate this divorce financially?
Can I still afford to donate to charities once I retire?
Is it a smart decision to buy this second home?

Our Clients

Salomon & Ludwin serves affluent individuals, couples and multi-generational families who want and value our advice.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, doctors, business executives, full time parents and grandparents.

In addition to connecting with our clients and creating confidence in their financial plans, Salomon & Ludwin works to provide peace of mind and comfort, especially during some of their most challenging times.

Lasting Relationships. Valued Advice.

To maintain deep relationships and the highest quality service, we have created client engagement levels.


Premier Partnership


Premier Partnership begins with a 4-step, in-depth interview process.

If we both decide we’re a match, you will have full access to our Team, Approach and Tools.



$500,000 - $1,999,999

CFP® Referral Program

We have intensely vetted a Certified Financial Planner® outside of Salomon & Ludwin who has exclusive access to our TriggerPoint™ Investment Strategy.

You deserve high quality service, strategy and advice. We confidently believe our CFP® Referral Program provides this.

Less than $500,000

Advisor Referral


It’s very hard to turn people away and leave to chance that they will be well taken care of.

That’s not who we are.

We are lucky to work in an industry with many qualified professionals and good people. We are happy to offer options that may be the right fit for you.

Our clients don’t want to pay commissions or trading costs. That’s why we deliver fiduciary advice on a fee-only basis.

So, if you are interested in a:

  • Clearly defined, common sense investment strategy that centers around risk and your spending needs
  • Constant focus on a higher probability of achieving your defined goals
  • Sense of financial well-being

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