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October 25, 2019

Dalal Salomon was named to the Barron’s Hall of Fame

To get some perspective on what it means to appear on this list: 600,000 people carry licenses from FINRA, the brokerage industry’s regulator. About 300,000 identify specifically as financial advisors, and, of these, Barron’s estimates about 120,000 approach financial advice as a full-time vocation. By any measure, then, the 145 Hall of Fame advisors represent a tiny fraction of the best 1% of all advisors in the industry.

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Advisors appearing in our rankings have answered 100-plus questions about their practices in our annual survey. The questionnaire addresses a wide range of data points, including the assets the advisors oversee, the revenue they collect on those assets, the industry designations they possess, their regulatory records, the length of time they’ve been in the industry, their charitable and philanthropic work, the investment vehicles they use to allocate assets, the sizes and shapes of their teams, and more.

The rankings specifically do not factor in investment performance, as returns are tied inextricably to the risk tolerances of individual clients; to reward outsize returns would be to encourage advisors to chase them. Instead, we use assets and revenue as our primary quantitative measures, as clients tend to express their satisfaction by voting with their assets and their fees.

Neither Salomon & Ludwin, nor any of the firm’s employees paid a fee to Barron’s in exchange for the recognition.

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