Dalal Salomon named one of Forbes 2023 Top Women Wealth Advisors

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February 7, 2023

Dalal Salomon financial advisor glass conference room windows Dalal Salomon Named as one of Forbes 2023 Top Women Wealth Advisors

Recent studies by Wells Fargo and Vanguard show that women tend to have a more disciplined approach to investing. Not only are women more patient and trade less than men—often leading to better risk-adjusted returns—but they are also more risk-averse when it comes to asset allocation. 

The seventh annual ranking of Forbes/SHOOK Top Women Wealth Advisors features 1,697 women collectively managing assets of nearly $2.3 trillion. Forbes’ list was compiled by SHOOK Research, which uses quantitative and qualitative data, including interviews, to rank advisors.

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Disclosures: Neither Salomon & Ludwin, nor any of the firm’s employees paid a fee to Forbes or SHOOK Research in exchange for this ranking.

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